Your drinking partner for this summer – KABISA Energy Drink

    Summer is just a jump away – the time to just chill, have fun and maybe forget about work for a while. The last part is a snip of wishful thinking.

    Forget about this year’s dull freezing winter. Now it’s time to go out and indulge into some beach parties (or parties of any kind for that matter) and BBQs with friends.

    A drinking buddy is always a must, but having a drinking buddy which also gives you energy is a plus, isn’t it? This year’s new star is KABISA Energy drink – giving you some healthy energy boost with a tropical twist. 

    What is KABISA?

    KABISA differs from other energy drinks because of its unique composition and extraordinary, eye-catching design. Not only that though. We have some good news for all the health freaks out there, who also want to fully enjoy summer. KABISA contains only natural sugar and has no aspartame nor any artificial sweeteners added. It’s the ultimate refreshment with a smooth and tropical taste. This unique beverage is exactly what you need while hanging out with friends, relaxing or watching your favourite sports!

    Another plus is that it’s packed with vitamins essential for the human body, like B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12. So basically, while mixing it with your favourite spirit, you’re also being healthy, right? KABISA is also gluten, dairy and fat-free. Some of you will definitely be very happy to hear that!

    In a casual chat with Loonynews, Ryan Camilleri (the brain behind bringing this energy drink in town) said, that KABISA will ROCK the island. With no pun intended, rockers seem to love it with their vodka.


    KABISA is an international energy drink brand. The beverage is sold in 12 countries all around the world, where consumers have already bought millions of cans. In 2018, the mother company of KABISA noted a threefold increase in sales, which made KABISA one of the top-selling energy drinks in the world.

    Here’s what the introducer of this awesome energy drink, Ryan Camilleri, told us: “The products distributed by our company are carefully selected. We put before ourselves the goal of offering consumers only high-quality products. This is why we decided to distribute KABISA in Malta.”

    He also added that KABISA is being very well received by consumers and he hopes to create more awareness of this outstanding energy drink.



    Ryan Mark Camilleri

    Mobile: +356 99214462


    Start enjoying your summer with style – grab a can of KABISA! 

    KABISA tried and tested Testimonials

    Henry G. “It tastes just like others, but with a fresher taste. Loved it”

    Joanne A. “I’m not a fan of energy drinks, but KABISA is on a different level”

    Gregory F. “I was sceptic because it was cheaper, but I must admit that it exceeded my expectations”